Thank you for visiting CountryByNet.com! As you may know, over the past 5 years, we have been serving he compact tractor market at TractorByNet.com, providing various free services to users that we hope has been a great resource to buyers, owners, and dealers alike.

As TractorByNet.com has grown and expanded, we have recognized the need for even more expansion into country life topics. To accommodate this growth, we have created CountryByNet.com, a website all about country life!

The purpose of this site is very simple. It's a place for people who live in the country, to meet online and discuss anything and everything to do with country life. We hope to build a friendly community that will be beneficial to all users.

As we build CountryByNet.com, we will need your help! For starters, we welcome your feedback, and suggestions for forums, and features. And also, we would love for you to help spread the word about CountryByNet.com!

If you have any friends, family members, neighbors, or other people you know that live in the country, please let them know about the site! Click Here for a printable sheet that you can give to them!

Thank you for visiting!

Muhammad Chishti
Founder, CountryByNet.com


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